Globe Trotter

My little girl is 5 months today. I can’t believe it! And tomorrow morning we leave for Oman which means that this little globetrotter has officially been to 5 countries in her life already! Wow. One passport, one visa, 6 passport stamps, 5 countries. And merely 5 months old. This is global awareness and multiculturalism at its best.


The teenager

At the moment, my little 4 month old girl has the temperament of a teenager. I cannot do anything around here without her letting me know she isn’t pleased about it. Only difference, I guess, is that when she cries for attention, she wants to be held and cuddled – I assume teenagers don’t want that.

The Hug

Little E has me wrapped around her tiny little finger and I think she knows it. This morning she stretched her arms out toward me, smiling, and I thought I was about to get this amazing cuddle. Her little arms go around my neck and before I’ve realised this is a trap, both her hands are entwined in my hair, impossible to get out.

My cuddle turned in to a 4 minute battle, sweaty enough to require another wash… Little E clinging on for dear life and me trying to remove the little monster without hurting her and preferably with a few chunks of hair still in place.

Oh, motherhood!

Different types of showers

Oh, look at all that vomit on my shoulder. Yes! Look at you, my little vomit-machine! Are you feeling all better now? Where are my smiles, baby girl?!” I exclaim and happily bump little E up and down, fake tossing her in the air. She rewards me with big smiles and a little drool right down the middle of my nose.

Who would ever have thought that I could utter these sentences with such enthusiasm. Certainly not me.