Today I am going back to the doctor for “further investigation” into my problems. While I am not thrilled about spending more time on this, I am enjoying my relaxing morning at home. This morning, I have already ironed some shirts, made and drank coffee, said goodbye to D as he headed out the door, […]

My Father

Today my dad turns 55. That is an awesome number for an awesome man. Happy birthday and happy grilling, dad! I am so sad we aren’t there to enjoy both these events with you (assuming it is the first time you barbecue in 2013). Hoping to re-celebrate this summer and enjoy a lot of your fantastic barbecuing! I’ll […]

For the Love of Spring

My favorite season has long been summer. Partially because it is my birthday, partially because it is warm (if we get lucky). Since moving abroad, summer and heat have gone hand in hand. The anticipation and anxiety of whether or not summer will be “nice” has faded. Since living here, I have gotten used to […]