I remember a time, not too long ago, when I loved Fridays because it meant a night out was quickly approaching as I sat in work. My friends and I had this bar we would go to almost every Friday. It was sort of on routine. We would meet at my place, drink some wine, […]


I love oatmeal. Certified gluten free steel cut oats. Made properly on the stove with almond milk and water. Mix in some organic home-made almond butter. Add banana slices. Why should breakfast not be the first and the best meal of the day? Today I eat mine watching the rain pour down and nothing can […]

Moving to the Middle East

My time here in the United States is really coming to an end. I can feel it in my bones. I notice it at work, and mostly I feel people starting to distance themselves. Some people, my truly international, well-traveled friends are looking forward to visiting. My good-ol’ Southern friends are distancing themselves,¬†committing¬†to never visit […]

Meatless May

As a former vegan/vegetarian, I still try to eat approximately half of my meals according to that fashion. When I do eat meat it tends to be chicken or fish that lands in my belly. Lately, however, I feel like more and more meat has slipped into our diet and I want to pull the […]