Moving to the Middle East

My time here in the United States is really coming to an end. I can feel it in my bones. I notice it at work, and mostly I feel people starting to distance themselves. Some people, my truly international, well-traveled friends are looking forward to visiting. My good-ol’ Southern friends are distancing themselves, committing to never visit as long as I am in the Middle East. A lot of people want to share “their experiences” and tell me about the time when they lived in, for example, Jordan. How is that even remotely the same?! Or living on a compound in Saudi? We are getting an apartment in Dubai. We are not signing our lives away. So to straighten out some facts: I will not wear a Burqa. I will not live on a compound. I will be able to drive. I will have a job. And does anyone who knows me really think I would move somewhere I can’t drink wine?!

13 work days are left for me. That is a very small number. 13 days of making an impact, passing on my duties, solving and completing a few final projects and then just leaving. There will be no hurrah, no farewell. As a matter of fact, my last day will be on Graduation, so most people won’t even be at work. Only us committed fools on the administrative side of things. I will end my time the way it started: without anyone noticing until a few weeks have passed.


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