Yesterday we had Meg and Anthony over at our house for a beer and some conversation. Anthony is a colleague of Daniel’s on his first, ever, teaching job abroad and Meg is his lovely, beautiful wife. As my camera is hard to miss (it is mounted on it’s tripod in our living room), we got […]

Today 2011

Sat outside in Piedmont Park enjoying some unexpectedly warm weather, reading Harry Potter, drinking coffee and working on my farmer’s tan. How different from the current craziness that is going on over there… January 30, 2011 – Piedmont Park

Snow Day

Don’t go crazy now… There is no snow in Dubai. As a matter of fact we are enjoying 22 degrees and sun with highs of 25 today, so I really can’t complain. I was thinking of my old hometown, Atlanta, and the crazy weather they are having over there. Thankfully, all of my friends appear […]


I would like to lie in bed and do nothing. I am tired and grumpy and cold and my nose keeps running. Am I getting sick just in time for Steph and Ian’s arrival…? I sure think so. Where I want to be:

The Tudors

From one addiction to another: The Tudors. Why was I not watching this with my parents back in 2007 when they were smart enough to sit in front of the TV and soak up the drama and perfection of this show. Sure, Henry VIII might be a little too handsome to be true (we have […]

Room with a View

It is Monday again. One day in to the work week and I wake up wondering when our next weekend is coming up. I am so incredibly tired at the moment! It doesn’t help that it is so dark when we wake up in the morning – at 5:30. And that it is basically dark […]