Flashback 2013

Just last year this time, my family decided to visit us for the first time – all three of them and we all lived in our cozy, still furnished, OTP apartment. Our days were filled with shopping and our evenings spent eating good food and drinking wine. Whilst we do not have any guests this […]

Dubai Food Carnival

My husband and I attended the Dubai Food Carnival this past weekend. The weather was truly perfect, high 20s, sunny and a medium breeze from the ocean as we sat still to watch a live cooking show with a very funny British/Australian chef. We had gotten free tickets thanks to my new and very generous […]

Slow Day

Woke up with my stomach revolting and being dizzy to a point of not wanting to move. Husband told me to stay at home. Currently alternating between napping and reading on the sofa. Hope to feel better by tomorrow!  

Dubai-Style BBQ

This past weekend I attended my first ever BBQ here in Dubai. Our hostess is a coworker of Daniels who lives in a ridiculously nice villa close by my place of employment. We arrived with that customary bottle of wine and expected a nice calm evening of beers and a few burgers on the grill. […]