Dinners Week 14

Saturday: Brown rice pomegranate salad Sunday: Indian chickpeas Monday: Fattoush salad with hummus and pita Tuesday: Sausage stew Wednesday: Smoky stuffed bell peppers Thursday: Blueberry apricot salad with salmon Friday:┬áJamie Oliver lamb meatballs Salad heavy week, I see. Oh well. It’s getting warm outside and salads keep things light around here. It also helps us […]

Blood Samples & Doctors

I went to the doctor yesterday to have my blood tested. They seem to like it here in the Middle East, and I don’t argue because I would like to stay for a while. My nurse was a very pleasant Filipino man who kindly tied my arm up in that nasty rubber band and asked […]


22 more days and I will enjoy a fabulous week off work. It feels long overdue. My fabulous husband only has a whooping 15 days until he has two full weeks of lying around the house, not having to get up at 5:30 and be greeted by the Mosque man’s call to prayer. Whilst I […]

Arts & Crafts

I have never been very crafty. Whilst I enjoyed coloring as a child, the whole arts & crafts thing was just never my scene. After 6th grade I started hating art in school (still unsure how you can grade a child on their creativity, it’s cruel) and stuck with music as my “art”. I played […]

Wild Wadi

Last Friday, Daniel and I decided to make use of the fantastic weather and planned on a full day at Wild Wadi, a water park located down on the beach, very near by the Burj Al Arab. Full of excitement we were awake and eating breakfast by 7:23 and locked up the apartment by 9:25 […]