Flashback 2012

Fall Break 2012. I took a long weekend and together with my beautiful fiance (at the time, now husband) we drove down to Miami for a few days of fun in the sun. Interesting city, I might add. It wasn’t our cup of tea, and we never did go back, but I am very happy to have been. The bit we enjoyed the most? Biking around the city, sipping wine on Washington Avenue and our adventure trip to the Keys.




Moving is not always fun, and most of the time I hate the chaos. After 10 months of living in Motor City, we were recently asked to move. Daniel’s employer was brilliant and arranged for a moving company to come and pack everything up, move and unpack it all in our new home. The new home is spacious beyond belief, 134 m2, and very nice – but moving is still a pain. We were just set up  in our old home and then in June we were backtracked to square 1. Today I can say that we are finally back to normal again. Our new apartment is officially a home. Everything has a place and we are well established. And a move always brings on fun memories… Like this 1993 goodie from when I was 7 years old and went to Errarp Skola for my first day of grade 1. Happy school start tomorrow, everyone!