Dubai Food Carnival

My husband and I attended the Dubai Food Carnival this past weekend. The weather was truly perfect, high 20s, sunny and a medium breeze from the ocean as we sat still to watch a live cooking show with a very funny British/Australian chef. We had gotten free tickets thanks to my new and very generous […]

Meatless May

As a former vegan/vegetarian, I still try to eat approximately half of my meals according to that fashion. When I do eat meat it tends to be chicken or fish that lands in my belly. Lately, however, I feel like more and more meat has slipped into our diet and I want to pull the […]

For the Love of Spring

My favorite season has long been summer. Partially because it is my birthday, partially because it is warm (if we get lucky). Since moving abroad, summer and heat have gone hand in hand. The anticipation and anxiety of whether or not summer will be “nice” has faded. Since living here, I have gotten used to […]