I remember a time, not too long ago, when I loved Fridays because it meant a night out was quickly approaching as I sat in work. My friends and I had this bar we would go to almost every Friday. It was sort of on routine. We would meet at my place, drink some wine, […]

Life Today

– am remembering yesterday’s night at Rose & Crown fondly- slept until 6:20am, but still feel tired – anticipate my Sunday run with the lovely Mary – have completed some incredibly mundane tasks at work – feel tired, but excited that the weekend is almost here – went a little overboard on planning and stressed […]

Shuler Hensley

Last night we attended the Shuler Hensley Awards for High School Theatre Arts at the Cobb Galleria. Our school had been nominated for a total of 11 out of 16 awards, which is quite amazing. The show is put on Channel 2 live television, so I got an opportunity to see Jovita Moore and Fred […]

The Steeplechase

This weekend we were invited to the Steeplechase, a Georgia horse race, where our company has a sponsor tent set up. It is a free event (for us), where we get to dress up in our prettiest clothes and drink wine while people race their horses. Sounds like a pretty bizarre and fun Saturday if […]

The Prom One

Do you remember your prom? The excitement, the let downs, the king & queen, the nonsense that can only result from that many high schoolers trying to act like adults in one spot. I remember my prom well. I remember dancing with my friends. I remember the totally gross dinner that we had. I remember […]


Last Saturday we went down to Centennial Olympic Park for the Final 4 NCAA festivities. As a die-hard Muse fan, D could not pass up a free concert. Neither could the other thousands of people that were there. The show was brilliant. Muse truly does justice to their name as best live band in the […]