Dinners Week 14

Saturday: Brown rice pomegranate salad Sunday: Indian chickpeas Monday: Fattoush salad with hummus and pita Tuesday: Sausage stew Wednesday: Smoky stuffed bell peppers Thursday: Blueberry apricot salad with salmon Friday:┬áJamie Oliver lamb meatballs Salad heavy week, I see. Oh well. It’s getting warm outside and salads keep things light around here. It also helps us […]

Dinners Week 13

Saturday: Cabbage slaw with cod Sunday: Curried sweet potatoes with eggs Monday: Kale & Noodles with Asian dressing Tuesday: Wheat berry salad with sriracha chicken Wednesday: Jeweled rice salad Thursday: Chicken Biryani Friday: Portabella burgers Repeating dinners from last week thanks to zero inspiration. Still a yummy week.

Dinners Week 12

Saturday: Stuffed Portabella mushrooms with side salad Sunday: Dinner at a friend’s house Monday: Vegetarian Lasagna Tuesday: Cabbage Slaw with cod Wednesday: Curried sweetpotatoes with fried eggs Thursday: Raspberry Mango Salad with salmon Friday: Soba Noodles with kale in Asian dressing 2014 appears to get more and more vegetarian each week.

Dinners Week 5

Saturday: Broccoli-salad with salmon Sunday: Pasta-bake with mushrooms Monday: Black bean/sweet potato chili Tuesday: Broccoli-pesto with Zucchini “pasta” Wednesday: Winter salad with trout Thursday: Taco night! Daniel has lost 5 kg since Christmas. I have lost no weight. Regardless, a mostly vegetarian diet seems to be the way to go for us.


I love oatmeal. Certified gluten free steel cut oats. Made properly on the stove with almond milk and water. Mix in some organic home-made almond butter. Add banana slices. Why should breakfast not be the first and the best meal of the day? Today I eat mine watching the rain pour down and nothing can […]

Meatless May

As a former vegan/vegetarian, I still try to eat approximately half of my meals according to that fashion. When I do eat meat it tends to be chicken or fish that lands in my belly. Lately, however, I feel like more and more meat has slipped into our diet and I want to pull the […]